How It Works


How Can My Purchase Become a Stream of Income?

My Spending Habit rewards its members for their habitual shopping. We share our trading/mining profits with our community. How? we receive transaction fees from our Sellers when you shop. We in turn use a portion of the fees in the Currency Exchange market to create leverage and then share 100% of the profits with our users

Each user's purchase becomes a stream of income over an unspecified period and expiring after reaching 100% of the original purchase price.

Extensions: The length of time that a user can earn on a purchase after expiration can be extended by writing a review and receiving "Rate Up" for it. Each Up rate gives an additional day for earning.

Qualification: To qualify for rewards, users must rate or write a review only on the product, service or rental that they paid for. This review could be about your experience shopping with the Seller or about a product, service or rental paid for.

These reviews are very helpful to our community as it helps other members to benefit from the feedback and helps Sellers to offer quality products, services and customer experience.  

Enjoy these products and services and start earning from your shopping by being a member today.


Invite Friends, earn 1% Forever!

  • Referring members is completely optional and you can earn your rewards without this.
  • 1% commissions
  • Earn referral commisions even without making a purchase for yourself.
  • Earn commissions when your referrals purchase from any seller on our platform.


  • Sell your HABIT for cash at anytime